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Quiet moments in the hustle and bustle of everyday life are easy to pass over or ignore. Still photography is a beautiful, subtle way to remind yourself to slow down and appreciate the small moments while enhancing your home. I take pride in my work as the best still photographer in the Walnut Creek, CA area. Art-tography is ready and excited to show you how incredible fine art still photography can be.

I work in still frames, meaning that I take video and then choose the best from the single frames that the video clip includes. You receive the most perfect shots from a selection of thousands.

I would also be happy to work with you for any fine-art projects on which you want to start work. I create art and capture moments per your request and I would love to help you design and finalize the perfect shot for a display piece in your home. Still frame photography makes for a beautiful and unique addition to your home as a focal piece or an accent.

This is also a wonderful way to capture the perfect portraits and head shots. As there are so many choices, you are guaranteed to find images that you love. You will receive more than a beautiful photograph; you’ll have a display piece that you can use both personally and professionally.

Still frame photography has gained prominence as the premier way to photograph weddings and other events as well! The almost unlimited choices guarantee the perfect selections to represent your special occasion with a fine-art twist.

Still frames capture the second by second actions at your event and allow you to choose the most meaningful moments to keep forever.

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